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Singleness: The Undisturbed Life. Marriage: The Great Disruption

This morning I read one of the most honest appraisals of marriage that I have ever come across. Even though I am not married I filed it away for future consideration because it is my hope to one day meet … Continue reading

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Greg Boyd: Church Response to Gays

The above link highlights a lot of my general feelings towards the current tension between the Church and her message to gay folks. Although not explicitly elaborated on, Boyd does believe that engaging in homosexual behavior (and thus gay marriage) … Continue reading

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Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy Explain N.T. Election and Predestination

N.T. election and predestination explained by Paul Eddy and Greg Boyd.

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Don’t Hide Your Light: Personal Shortcomings Can Showcase God’s Strength

Sometimes events occur which cause you to take a second look, a fresh look at a scripture verse you thought you knew and could learn nothing new about. One of our boys today at school was singled out because of … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes in Behavior Change

Came across this today and thought it was worth re-posting.

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Calvinism’s Engineered “Freedom”

In dealing with free-will the Calvinist skillfully maneuvers the discussion into a framework where he can give lip-service to “free-will,” but in doing so he mars the common sense, standard understanding “freedom” beyond any semblance of recognition. Let’s take sin’s … Continue reading

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Humans–Just Bags of Skin Housing Organs?

What is human nature? What is life? What is love? These are questions that lie outside the orbit of scientific testtubes to answer. Am I merely a loose fitting bag of skin housing organs and gray matter, transmitting nerve impulses and … Continue reading

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To Marry Or Not To Marry–This Is The Question

So… I’m still single, but realize this is my fault–if indeed it is something to be faulted with. Truth be told I’ve had numerous opportunities to put an end to singleness, but something deep within me compels me to wait … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Christian “Superstars”

Christian author Rick Joyner states,“Those who are the most successful in any field are those who do the basics best. To be a disciple of Christ, we want the foundation to be right. If the foundation is not level and … Continue reading

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Grace for Acceptance–Grace for Change

It is true that God’s grace accepts us the way we are, but it is equally true that God is never content to leave us the way we are. He knows his grace is too transformative and powerful to leave … Continue reading

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