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Gay Marriage, Gay Contempt–both Desacralize the Sacred

In my last post I highlighted a quote by author and speaker Ravi Zacharias who was asked the following question, “Why do Christians see racism as wrong but don’t see opposing homosexuality as equally wrong?” In response Zacharias made the … Continue reading

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Isn’t Opposing both Racism and Gay Marriage Inconsistent? No.

Given the nature of today’s debate surrounding gay marriage, it is quite common to hear the following question: “Why is it that Christians who oppose racism and bigotry in the church don’t see the hypocrisy in being equally opposed to … Continue reading

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Joke of the day

Heard the funniest joke today: Two flies are sitting on a pile of poo. One fly cuts a fart and the other fly says, “Hey– I’m eating here.” 🙂

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Virginity: Is it Identity? NO.

The children I came to care for five years ago have now become…(DREAD)…teenagers. And teenagers means crushes, hormones and sexual tension. I find myself pulled into more and more conversations about love, dating and sex each passing month. Since they … Continue reading

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Nursing Bitterness–Drinking Poison

If you choose to suckle on resentment and nurse bitterness you end up drinking poison. –StriderMTB

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Poverty of Character–the Unseen Beggar Within

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the concept of poverty. Poverty can come in many different forms. It doesn’t always have to mean a lack of money, shelter or food. The basic concept of poverty means, “the … Continue reading

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Calvinist Quotes on God Determining All Evil

Calvinism is a belief in meticulious divine determinism over every thought, choice and event throughout human history–and according to John Piper this includes every one of your personal, besetting sins (quote below). Just think about the insidious implications of such … Continue reading

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