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“Secrets of the Secret Place” Quotes

I just started reading Bob Sorge’s book, Secrets of the Secret Place. There are a number of great insights and quotes that make this book worth picking up. My devotional life has hit a low point for… well too long. This … Continue reading

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Can Prayer Change God’s Will?

If you haven’t yet visited Greb Boyd’s new sight you ought to do it. Boyd tends to push the envelope on areas of difficult Christian thought where others have sort of acquiesced to either mystery or humanity’s finite perspective. While I … Continue reading

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Marrying “The ONE”

It is all to common to hear people speak of finding “the one” they were “meant” to spend the rest of their lives with. The concept of “the one” and finding that “one” person is reinforced at every turn– from … Continue reading

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Al Mohler’s Incoherence on Porn

Al Mohler is an insightful and intuitive man. I would never want to suggest the contrary. But Mohler is also a Calvinist up to his eye balls. So much so that he can’t see how his railing against America’s moral … Continue reading

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Calvinism’s Inconsistency and Incoherence

Calvinists will typically bring up Grandma dying from cancer or not getting a promotion as an example of God’s sovereignty and hence determination of all things for the sake of his glory. But why not be consistent and completely candid … Continue reading

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