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I like both Matt Slick and James White—great writers and insightful apologists that have encouraged my faith in the past. That being said I don’t agree with their Calvinist leanings. Today their viewpoints will serve as two principal examples in … Continue reading

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Jesus is Word made flesh. Bible is Word made text.

In a recent debate about religion I heard a man declare something along the lines of: “Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God. Jesus is the Word made flesh. The Bible is the Word made text. At times there appears … Continue reading

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Jesus–the Perfect Cast of God’s Nature. Is Admiration Enough?

The following post highlights a section of dialogue I have had with a friend recently here in Cambodia. At the age of 45 he struggles with re-opening his heart to God because of a “Christian” father and past upbringing that … Continue reading

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Does Free-Will or Divine Determination Extol God’s Greatness?

In discussions with brothers and sisters from the neo-Reformed, Calvinist camp one item of conversation that always seems to come up is their insistance that God must divinely determine every choice humans make because only in such a paradigm is … Continue reading

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Deductive Argument Against Calvinism

A simple deductive argument against Calvinism’s doctrine of universal, divine determinism occurred to me today: (1) If Calvinism is true, then all human choices and beliefs are divinely determined and thus not free. (2) I can freely choose to believe … Continue reading

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