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Graham Cooke: Inheritance Not Needs

Today as I was listening to a youtube message by Graham Cooke, I was both blessed and challenged to pray with greater assurance rooted in a self-identity that I am a much loved son of my Father in heaven who … Continue reading

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The Travon Martin Tragedy in Perspective

The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of Travon Martin has gripped the U.S. in a manner that I find somewhat perplexing. Protests are taking place over many major cities. Is it a tragedy and a saddening loss … Continue reading

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Religion as a Whirlpool vs. Christ as a Well-Spring

When does healthy, spiritual self-reflection end and legalistic, self-absorption masquerading as godly humility and spirituality start? I’ve been pondering this as I seek to disciple teenagers God has entrusted to my care. I believe the latter is a religious spirit … Continue reading

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Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism: Matt’s Wrap-Up

I thank you Derek for the time and attention you have given to our discussion and for exemplifying a spirit of genuine brotherhood despite are sharp disagreements. If anyone has allowed his passions to get the better of him—it is … Continue reading

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Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism: Derek’s Wrap-Up.

Matt, Thank you for taking time to reply and for all of the work you have undertaken in reorganizing our comments into individual posts. I will make a few final comments here, and then leave off. This has been a … Continue reading

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