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Francis Chan the Bud-Light Calvinist

*NOTE: Some have personally written me and are of the opinion that I have displayed some arrogant sarcasm in the following critique of Francis Chan that is uncharitable to him. As strange as it may sound I actually love Francis … Continue reading

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Right Wing vs. Left Wing politics

The polarization of the U.S. becomes clearly evident upon each wave of presidential politicking every four years. Should America drift to the left or to the right? Ideally I think the U.S. should strike a middle of the road approach, but … Continue reading

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Patience is enduring time

“Waiting on God is not always easy, but the Lord promises to reward those who are patient. However you can’t be patient without having to endure time. That is the hardest part about patience and contentment– you can’t learn it … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Divine Determinism

C.S. Lewis wrote the following excerpt as an argument from reason against atheism. It struck me today that one can use a similar argument against Calvinism. But first C.S. Lewis’s argument against atheism: “Supposing there was no intelligence behind the … Continue reading

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Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield: Slaveholding and Calvinism

Asking someone to define Jonathan Edwards’ historical and theological legacy can vary from person to person. There is no denying that Edwards was a towering force of intellectual influence in his day. Sadly our public schools have not been kind … Continue reading

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God and Suffering

I’m reposting this article written by Rob Brendle because I find it to be both timely and accurate. See original article here.  Where was God in the Aurora Shooting? By Rob Brendle, Special to CNN I held her hand as she … Continue reading

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