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A Critique of John Piper’s Theodicy: “Is God Morally Color-Blind?” Part 2

If anyone has read the works of John Piper, Jonathan Edwards or any mainstream Calvinist you know that they are committed to the view that God’s sovereignty means God has exhaustively decreed every act of men (and demons), such that … Continue reading

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Calvinism’s Engineered “Freedom”

In dealing with free-will the Calvinist skillfully maneuvers the discussion into a framework where he can give lip-service to “free-will,” but in doing so he mars the common sense, standard understanding “freedom” beyond any semblance of recognition. Let’s take sin’s … Continue reading

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Atheism and Morality

Atheists like Christopher Hitchens (RIP) and others who think in the same vein will often say their disdain for the God hypothesis is that it posits a celestial dictator that quenches freedom and forces people to love Him or face … Continue reading

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