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Highlighting the troubled theology of Calvinism

A Critique of John Piper’s Theodicy: Purposing Evil for the Purpose of Good? Part 1

John Piper is a man devoted to God with a genuine desire to extol God’s glory. That is not in dispute. What is in dispute is Piper’s claim that his theodicy extol’s God glory. The following critique will seek to … Continue reading

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Calvinist Quotes on God Determining All Evil

Calvinism is a belief in meticulious divine determinism over every thought, choice and event throughout human history–including your personal sins. Just think about the insidious implications of such a view. If a rapist or pedophile were to declare in a … Continue reading

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Tim Keller: Private Calvinist, Public Arminian

UPDATE: Oddly enough both videos were pulled from YouTube at the same time this little write-up was getting traction through facebook shares. The video recording of Keller explaining unconditional election in a Calvinist friendly church seems to have been banished … Continue reading

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A Critique of James White and Calvinism Theodicy

I like both Matt Slick and James White—great writers and insightful apologists that have encouraged my faith in the past. That being said I don’t agree with their Calvinist leanings. Today their viewpoints will serve as two principal examples in … Continue reading

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Does Free-Will or Divine Determination Extol God’s Greatness?

In discussions with brothers and sisters from the neo-Reformed, Calvinist camp one item of conversation that always seems to come up is their insistance that God must divinely determine every choice humans make because only in such a paradigm is … Continue reading

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Deductive Argument Against Calvinism

A simple deductive argument against Calvinism’s doctrine of universal, divine determinism occurred to me today: (1) If Calvinism is true, then all human choices and beliefs are divinely determined and thus not free. (2) I can freely choose to believe … Continue reading

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Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy Explain N.T. Election and Predestination

N.T. election and predestination explained by Paul Eddy and Greg Boyd.

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