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Highlighting the troubled theology of Calvinism

A Critique of John Piper’s Theodicy: Purposing Evil for the Purpose of Good? Part 1

John Piper is a man devoted to God with a genuine desire to extol God’s glory. That is not in dispute. What is in dispute is Piper’s claim that his theodicy extol’s God glory. The following critique will seek to … Continue reading

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Calvinist Quotes on God Determining All Evil

Calvinism is a belief in meticulious divine determinism over every thought, choice and event throughout human history–and according to John Piper this includes every one of your personal, besetting sins (quote below). Just think about the insidious implications of such … Continue reading

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Tim Keller: Private Calvinist, Public Arminian

UPDATE: Oddly enough both videos were pulled from YouTube at the same time this little write-up was getting traction through facebook shares. The video recording of Keller explaining unconditional election in a Calvinist friendly church seems to have been banished … Continue reading

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A Critique of James White and Calvinism Theodicy

I like both Matt Slick and James White—great writers and insightful apologists that have encouraged my faith in the past. That being said I don’t agree with their Calvinist leanings. Today their viewpoints will serve as two principal examples in … Continue reading

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Does Free-Will or Divine Determination Extol God’s Greatness?

In discussions with brothers and sisters from the neo-Reformed, Calvinist camp one item of conversation that always seems to come up is their insistance that God must divinely determine every choice humans make because only in such a paradigm is … Continue reading

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Deductive Argument Against Calvinism

A simple deductive argument against Calvinism’s doctrine of universal, divine determinism occurred to me today: (1) If Calvinism is true, then all human choices and beliefs are divinely determined and thus not free. (2) I can freely choose to believe … Continue reading

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Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy Explain N.T. Election and Predestination

N.T. election and predestination explained by Paul Eddy and Greg Boyd.

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