Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism Part 15: Derek Responds


Thank you for your response. You make some good points here. I probably have been too broad in summarizing your arguments. At this juncture, we seem to be advancing well into the subject matter, and I am going to switch to a more direct “quote/response” method (which will unfortunately result in longer posts) and try to precisely answer your exact questions. In fairness I should note that you have also been selective in what you have addressed in my posts. Although I did mention upfront that I didn’t expect you to answer all 19 of my original queries. :)

It will take some time for me to respond to your 7 question groups and other points, so I will appreciate your patience as I compose responses (possibly in series form). I will be as concise as I can, and I’ll try not to make this into a book length treatise!

I am not sure you will like my answers much, partly because they will largely consist of specific application of the broader points made previously. Clearly we approach these subjects from very different presuppositional stances. My aim here is to understand your stance better (while of course arguing against elements of it) and to have my own views thoughtfully challenged/refined. I really appreciate your willingness to dialogue reasonably over these issues. We don’t have to end up agreeing, ultimately, for this to be a fruitful discussion (it has already been fruitful, I believe).

One additional note before I respond further: my answers shouldn’t be taken as the standard for all Calvinists or compabilists. At this level of depth, and with the kinds of challenges you are presenting, different Calvinists will take different approaches. Many would have better answers than I can offer, or perhaps be willing to provide more specificity than I am comfortable with, and most would probably narrow their definition of compatibilism much more than I have in using the Stanford (Plato subdomain) definition. Nevertheless, I will answer as quickly, concisely and directly as possible, representing my own particular approach to Calvinism and Biblical epistemology. And I think we are covering some fascinating ground, so, once again, thank you for your patience and charitable attitude.

More to come . . .


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