Eric Mataxas on Gay Marriage

In an interview on Fox, Eric Mataxas was asked why the Church isn’t willing to change it’s position on gay marriage. After all traditions in the Church (and in the world) have changed in the past—that’s the way it’s always been. So why not change again?

Mataxas answer was profoundly to the point and worth mentioning. “No, we aren’t talking about tradition. That’s the whole thing. There are things which can be changed and there are things which can’t be changed. Fundamental definitions of things that hold the world together—like family and marriage— these are fundamental. This is infrastructure. It’s like saying I can move that I-beam and move this I-beam and the building won’t fall down. We’re not talking about redecorating or moving furniture around. We are taking I-beams out and it will fall down. For example the Episcopal church [which embraces gay marriage] has been plummeting…when the editorial page of the NY Times becomes your [church’s] catechism and your magisterium that says “this is what we believe” you are going to lose people and they are losing people in droves because this is scandalous stuff.”

The video can viewed here:

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