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A Critique of John Piper’s Theodicy: “Is God Morally Color-Blind?” Part 2

If anyone has read the works of John Piper, Jonathan Edwards or any mainstream Calvinist you know that they are committed to the view that God’s sovereignty means God has exhaustively decreed every act of men (and demons), such that … Continue reading

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Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism. Part 2 Matt Responds

Hi Derek, thanks for dropping by. You are right I won’t bother answering all your questions  I think I counted 19. As the quotes highlight and basic logic dictats Calvinistic ordination collapses into causal determinism. A molinist like William Lane Craig … Continue reading

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Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism Part 1: Derek’s Challenge

After posting up a number of quotes from mainstream Calvinists (which can be found HERE) I entered into a dialogue/debate with a fellow brother in the Lord named Derek. Derek is a Calvinist and interpretes God’s sovereignty and man’s free-will … Continue reading

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Calvinism is Theological Gobbledygook

By StriderMTB Calvinism grates against my nerves like eating asparagus and lima beans with a side of durian fruit. Calvinists are the most articulate of God’s creatures in weaving an intelligent sounding compilation of confusion that masks itself as spiritually insightful. It … Continue reading

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