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Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism. Part 2 Matt Responds

Hi Derek, thanks for dropping by. You are right I won’t bother answering all your questions  I think I counted 19. As the quotes highlight and basic logic dictats Calvinistic ordination collapses into causal determinism. A molinist like William Lane Craig … Continue reading

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Debate on Calvinistic Compatibilism Part 1: Derek’s Challenge

After posting up a number of quotes from mainstream Calvinists (which can be found HERE) I entered into a dialogue/debate with a fellow brother in the Lord named Derek. Derek is a Calvinist and interpretes God’s sovereignty and man’s free-will … Continue reading

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Calvinism is Theological Gobbledygook

By StriderMTB Calvinism grates against my nerves like eating asparagus and lima beans with a side of durian fruit. Calvinists are the most articulate of God’s creatures in weaving an intelligent sounding compilation of confusion that masks itself as spiritually insightful. It … Continue reading

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